Good Friday

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.00.32 AM.pngGood Friday marks a day that doesn’t seem very good. A day that seems filled with darkness starts with a prayer. A prayer from Jesus to his Father. Jesus asks for this cup to pass yet motivated by his love for God and us, he continues down the path that would lead to his death. One of his closest friends then shows up to hand him over to those plotting to kill him. At this point his fate has been sealed. From here, Jesus is dragged through the wilderness and being beaten, then thrown in front of judges with trumped up charges, false witnesses, and false accusations. Although an innocent man, Jesus is then delivered to be crucified. The crucifixion of jesus is an agonizing three hours as he hangs there, not only loosing his life, but feeling the weight sin and separation from his Father. Friday ends with what seems to be a sad ending. Jesus’ body is taken down and buried, and the disciples begin to mourn the loss of their Lord.

Morning Reading: Mark 14:43-15:15

Morning Prayer:

Father, I know that just like the apostles, I have betrayed you and I’ve turned my back on you. Father, I’m sorry for the ways that I’ve denied you and rejected you. As I remember the cross, remind me that all of those times that I’ve turned my back on you, has been taken from me. Thank you Father for being faithful although I am not. Continue to work on my heart and bring me closer to you.

Evening Reading: Mark 15:16-43

Evening Prayer:

Father, I know that it was my sin that put your son on the cross, and it was my sin that held him there. But because of the cross, that sinned was payed for, and I am now made clean. Thank you for that truth father. Thank you for you sacrifice. As I meditate on the cross, reveal to me your great love for me.