Maundy Thursday

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.46.25 AM By Thursday, events had been set in motion that could not be stopped. Judas had betrayed Jesus, the religious leaders had planned his arrest, and there was seemingly nothing to do but wait for the end. But Jesus instead gathers his 12 disciples in an upper room and instills in them both the Great Commandment to love one another and the Great Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper. And through these his disciples would have all they would need, both in the body and blood of their Lord and in his commandment to love as he would love them. And soon they would behold the very depth of God’s love, not only in the washing of their feet in the room but the washing of their souls on the cross.

Morning Reading: Mark 14:12-25

Morning Prayer:

Lord, we are unworthy objects of such divine love. As we watch Your Son dine with his betrayer and offer his own body for our betrayal, may we allow this powerful love to run its full course through our hollow hearts. Help us turn from our sin that cost Jesus his life, help us turn from betrayal that could cost us our own and help us understand it should have have been our body and blood spilled for guilt. Draw us close to the cross, seeing in it both the reality of our sin and the reality of your grace.

Evening Reading: John 13:1-20

Evening Prayer:

Jesus, we are humbled you would lower yourself to wash us, the Creator serving the creature. Thank you that you loved your own to the end, when the price of love was your own life. Forgive us for where we have forgotten the cost of our cleansing and have loved others cheaply. Help us receive our new commandment to love another as you loved us, and impress upon our hearts the unpayable debt of our salvation, a sum so large only uncreated blood could fill it. Prepare us for tomorrow Lord, to behold the hour of your death and our rebirth.