Holy Wednesday

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.08.01 AM.pngWednesday, a day that most of us would use to turn and run. Jesus, knowing full well that Judas was planning to have him killed, didn’t use this day as an excuse to hide or to think about himself, but stayed at a house with those who had no one else. The house was the home of Simon the leper, a person no one would touch.  And it was here Mary, who poured ointment over Jesus, was scolded while Jesus defended her and made her feel loved. In what should have been a dark day filled with fear, knowing what was about to happen, Jesus continued to love and care for those around him.

Morning Reading: Mark 14:1-2,10-11

Morning Prayer:

Father, humble me to know that just like Judas, I too have betrayed you. Just like the chief priests and the scribes, I too, would have sought to kill you. Despite all of this, you still loved me. You still gave yourself for me. Change my heart to dwell on the truth of your love that overcomes the truth of my depravity. Let me see the beauty in your forgiveness.

Evening Reading: Mark 14:3-9

Evening Prayer:

Father, make me into a person that worships you. Change my heart so that my response to you is that of the woman’s, who wasn’t just willing, but actually gave you all of her treasures. Like her, let my heart and my gaze be captured by you. Protect me from having a selfish and indignant heart like those who scolded the woman, and even when I fail remind me of the forgiveness that is found in your son.