Easter at Living Stones

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 1.35.04 PMWhen I was in high school, a girl named Jessica invited me to youth group, and I went.  It was there a man named Max began to disciple me as a church kid who didn't understand the gospel.  And it was a woman from Texas who spoke the gospel at a weekend camp that God used to save me.  Three people played three different roles in bringing me to Christ and I'm indebted to each one for what they did, for I'm now part of God's family. As we gather for Easter next Sunday, there are people God's calling you fill a role for.  Maybe you'll invite a new family to the gathering.  Maybe you'll disciple someone new who shows up.  Maybe you're the pastor shares the gospel from the stage.  Regardless of the role you fill, your actions matter and are part of God's plan of redeeming people in our cities.

Pray how God would use you this Easter.  Invite people who need Jesus, disciple those who come and preach to those who will listen.  This is all part of our mission as the church, to make disciples.  Pray for the hallway conversations, followup cups of coffee, first time visits to community group and (God-willing) baptisms that will happen 3 months from now.  And pray God would remind you of the first day you accepted Jesus' cross and empty tomb, and what that meant.  Let's seek to make the love of our Savior known in places where it is not yet.

Love you all,

Pastor Fred