Care for the Capital Food Drive

nevada-state-capital-carson-city Living Stones, as a community we're made up of all kinds of people from all different backgrounds, but on a whole we mostly consist of families.  Young families, older families, married couples, mixed families, empty nesters, single parents, etc.  That isn't to say we don't consist of many single people, folks who will one day have families by the grace of God.  And all of us, as redeemed sinners, are part of God's family and the children of the almighty.  So as parents, future parents and Christians, I want to make you aware of something going on in our City. 

According to the Carson City School District, four hundred children will go to bed hungry this weekend in our town because their families do not have enough food.  Four hundred.  Four hundred kiddos all around us will lay awake tonight holding their aching stomachs.  So I want to ask you a question.  As a parent and Jesus-follower, are you ok with this?  I think anyone with a heart wouldn't be, let alone the representatives of God on earth.  So the question is what is Living Stones going to do about it.

Your leaders and I have gotten together and decided it's time as a church to step up and launch our first ever food drive beginning today.  We’ve simply called it the “Care for the Capital Food Drive”, and as a church we are going to step in the gap and not be ok with 400 kids being under-nourished in our backyard.  And to do it we are going to be partnering with an organization called 'Food for Thought' who discreetly provides hundreds of kids in our school district with food for them and their families for the weekend.  The drive is being launched today and will run the next 3 Sundays, leading up to Thanksgiving.  

So, what are we asking of you?  We are asking you simply to buy food.  Grab your families, your kids, you community group members, and get to the grocery store as often as you can afford to.  Pick up any one of these 11 items below, items that can be repackaged and given to kiddos and families.  And once you've bought them, bring those items to our gathering every Sunday and leave them at a marked location near the entrance.  It's as easy as that.

As a church family let’s demonstrate the love of God by meeting one of life’s most basic needs in the City we so dearly love, along with providing the ever-needed gospel of Jesus.  It's time for us to not just be in our city but for our city as well.  Love you guys.

Your Pastor,


Foods to Purchase:

-2.05oz Easy Mac and Cheese Cup -7.5oz. Beef Raviolis Cans/Cups -7.5oz. SpaghettiO’s Cans/Cups -7oz. Spaghetti and Meatballs Cans/Cups -7oz. Beefaroni Cans/Cups -Individual 4oz. Fruit Cups -Individual 4oz. Veggie Cups (Found at Walmart) -Cheese/Peanut Butter Crackers -Granola Bars -Individual Cereal Boxes or Cups -Gallon Size Plastic Ziplock Bags