The Move to The Brewery

Image As you may well know, we've been meeting at the Carson Community Center for nine months now as a Living Stones Core Group, and we've seen some amazing things happen.  From doubling in size, to six baptisms, to lives changed by the gospel, to me falling more in love with you guys, God has graciously moved.  The room we gathered in was nothing more than a school board meeting room when we got there, something we repurposed to have a place to gather to meet with God. And it's been very healthy and a gift from God for us to see that it's not a beautiful facility and attractional ministry that draws people to Christ; it's the love of God through His people.  And I'm thankful for that gift.

With that, your leaders and I came to the conclusion a while back that the community center wouldn't work for us long term.  We loved the people at the community center who rent us the space, and we really loved the price, but the room would never acoustically, environmentally, or practically be a viable place for us to meet long term.  And you guys have put up with its many shortcomings out of love for Christ, and as your pastor I want to say thank you for that.

So, after a lot of prayer amongst ourselves and conversations with our friends at the Brewery Arts Center, we have decided to rent their Performance Hall at 511 W King St as our primary gathering location. We will gather at 10 am every Sunday, beginning this weekend on July 21st.  The performance hall is a beautiful facility located in the heart of downtown Carson City that seats 150-250, depending on the setup, has production level equipment and lights for our worship and sermons, has a welcoming foyer for fellowship, and really lends itself to a Living Stones vibe.  It is a cool gift from God that has been provided though his providence.

So with the move coming this Sunday, it is imperative that we remember why we decided to plant a church in the first place.  And I think I can answer that for us in one word: Jesus.  Jesus has been, and will continue to be, the why and what of our mission, from the day eight people gathered in a living room in 2011 until today.  We want to plant a church because we love Jesus, and we love Jesus because we are forgiven sinners.  And in response to us being forgiven we now seek tell others about Jesus and the forgiveness he offers them. 

With that, what I would ask of you is two things.  First, please pray that God would use this facility to reach those who do not yet know Him.  We now have a better platform to present Jesus more clearly and we want it to be for the benefit of the kingdom.  And secondly, please pray about giving to support this move. Financially, we have enough in the bank to cover 2 years of rent, but we know there are other expenses such as staff, advertising, supplies, LS kids, musical equipment, etc that we will need to pay.  Please consider giving to help the kingdom of God to move forward in Carson City.

These are exciting times and I love being in this journey with you all. The city we have been called to needs the gospel desperately and God has called us alongside other gospel preaching churches to make disciples. Let's answer that call with our lives and continue to proclaim the good news as we always have, that all are sinners, judgement is coming, and God offers mercy.

Your Pastor,